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WTFrs The Company

WTFrs is a Texas based corporation with the goal of making a better and safer motorcycle community, creating a positive impact to our communities at large, help those in need and to support those who defend and protect our communities such as our Military and Law Enforcement, past and present. 

We are relentless in our mission of converging the entire motorcycle community in a positive light using different divisions to achieve our plans and goals. 

Our leading, most seen and best known division, our Community Outreach Division, lead us to receive a Special Congressional Recognition Award for our outreach projects helping United States Veterans. Our outreach programs have been covered on every local, regional and most national news networks including ABC World News Tonight with David Muier and FOX News with a live national  interview on FOX & Friends. 

We volunteer in helping our Law Enforcement community by doing several benevolent projects for different agencies. One in particular which we are very proud of is helping the Capital Of Texas Police Motorcycle Chute Out aka COTPMCO

In addition, we organize community events, usually dealing with helping children, especially those in bullying and suicidal situations. 

We fund this division through the efforts of money raised by our other divisions. While accountants call this a "loss", we call it a WIN!

- Safety Division who's goal is to change the way motorcycle training is taught in order to help make safer and more experienced riders. Simply put, we aim to save lives.  

Our trainers are training with professional law enforcement officers. Why start there? Two simple reasons;

1. Police motor patrol officers ride more miles per year than anyone else, yet have the least amount of accidents, by far! Why? One word... TRAINING!

2. We do this to get the best trained trainers available to teach the best skills that can help save lives.

Our Safety Division will offer new courses with new certifications and levels which do not exist anywhere in the industry now. These are real life courses you will need to improve your skills. We are NOT in the MSF sanctioned business as we will train our students with skills they NEED to know, not what a State Agency says you need to pass your driver's license endorsement. We are working with several insurance companies who are happy to recognize our certifications and give our graduates discounts based on the multiple levels of training completed. 

As os now, we offer bi-weekly Motorcycle Safety and Skills Training Classes FREE of charge to keep our community riding safe! Our clasess can be found on our WTFrs PUBLIC Facebook page. 

Special Events Division who's goal is to create medium and large scale events, always free to the attendees, which bring a positive financial impact the local and regional community.

These events include Rally Central Texas, MotoBall Run, and the upcoming Texas Bike Week. 

- Technology Innovation Division who's goal is to create new proprietary technology through the use of smart devices and a mobile app which can do things such as detect a possible crash, alert 911 with not only the last known GPS coordinates, but any medical history authorized by the user to release to EMS in  case of an emergency. For obvious reasons, we will limit the amount of information given on this division as all we are working on is proprietary coding. More to come...

- Medical Division who's goal is to provide training in assessing and stabilizing an accident victim in the case of a crash or medical emergency, not just our WTFrs Social Riding Club Members, but the general public, available at no charge.  

Community Outreach
Safety Division
Special Events Div
Technology Division
Medical Divsion
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