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WTFrs has been covered on just about every national, regional and local Television and Print News Organization as well as many social media news platforms. Here are just a few of the stories covered by different news agencies. 

ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT - WTFrs - 1000s Show Up To Veteran Funeral

Luis Rodriguez heard about Walker’s service and passed the funeral information to Wind Therapy Freedom Riders, a motorbike riding club he belongs to. He also contacted a local news station to spread the word.

After ABC station KVUE broke the story, Rodriguez said the invitation “took off like fire. Next thing you know we’re sitting here with thousands.” Senator Ted Cruz, CNN anchor Jake Tapper and Congressman John Carter all shared the invitation and support on their social media accounts.

FOX NEWS - FOX and FRIENDS - WTFrs - Live Interview - Unaccompanied Veteran

The thousands of strangers who responded to an online appeal to attend the Texas funeral of a Vietnam War-era Air Force veteran “came together as Americans,” says a biker who helped spread the word about the event.

Luis Rodriguez told Fox & Friends on Tuesday the line of cars to get into the cemetery for Joseph Walker’s military funeral in Killeen, Texas, was “incredible.” Reports from the scene said the line stretched for miles.... “We all came together as Americans to pay respect to somebody who put our country first, to fight for our freedoms,” said Rodriguez, a member of Wind Therapy Freedom Riders.

FOX NEWS - WTFrs - Anti-Bullying and Suicide Awareness #HaleyStrong

"I'm worried for the safety of my daughter,” Murray said. "She is picked on and she is bullied because of her disability she is become an object of bullying and an object of harassment and constant ridicule she has been assaulted, she has been told to kill herself, she's been told she is unlovable."

Elisa Rodriguez helped organize the event. She put Murray in touch with the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders because she was once in Murray’s shoes.
"I can relate to everything she is going through,” Rodriguez said. "We are here we love you and we are going to always support you."

KVUE NEWS - WTFrs - Back To School Celebration w/ Round Rock Police

Thousands of Round Rock residents gathered at the home of The Round Rock Express for the annual Back to School Festival.

Alongside of the Round Rock heroes and first responders, Wind Therapy Freedom Riders were there to help kids learn about motorcycles and motorcycle safety. We even started a dance-off between The Fire Department, Police Department and the Boys and Girls Scouts of America! 

KVUE NEWS - WTFrs - Motorcycle Safety - Danny's Story

"He shouldn't be here," said Aleisha Hankins, as she pointed at the spot where her husband was laid to rest.

"I had to tell our kids that he was in an accident and he wasn't going to come home," she said as tears ran down her cheeks.

His name was Danny Hankins and he was a father of five children. On Sept. 23, Aleisha got the devastating news that Danny had been killed by another driver. 

"That's probably one of the biggest hazards we've seen," said Luis Rodriguez, president of the biker group.

"You can look down for one second and then the next you can end someone's life," Rodriguez said.

KVUE NEWS - WTFrs - Richard Overton -Oldest Living WWII Vet Funeral

Organizers of the ride said they believed only several dozen bikers would show up to the event, but it quickly turned to nearly 1,000 as the motorcade made its way to the funeral.

AUSTIN, Texas — More than a thousand bikers gathered for a ride to honor the late Richard Overton, who was laid to rest on Saturday.

Several of the bikers told KVUE they were inspired by the simplicity of Mr. Overton. 

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Organizers of the ride said they believed only several dozen bikers would show up to the event, but it quickly turned to nearly 1,000 as the motorcade made its way to the funeral.

KVUE NEWS - WTFrs - Austin Bikers Train to Help Saves Lives in the Community

ROUND ROCK, Texas — The Wind Therapy Freedom Riders love riding around town on their motorcycles, but also train to help crash victims, just in case. 

Recently, they witnessed a three-car crash, helped the victims and diverted traffic until first responders got to the scene. 

“We were able to step up, get those people safe, triage them. When EMS eventually got there, I was able to pass over information to them so that they could quickly what they needed to do," said Penni Fuller, a Wind Therapy Freedom Rider member and registered nurse. 

“We also believe through our benevolent hearts that we give back to the community, not just the biker community, but the whole community in general.” said Luis Rodriguez, Wind Therapy Freedom Riders National President.

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