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"We do not care to be part of a cause... we will be part of the solution."

Non Ducor, Duco  -  I am not led, I lead

We would love to thank all the amazing people who helped us make our fundraiser, Communities for Cops, such a big success! We helped raise money for the Austin Police Association and

Austin Cops for Charities  (we can still make donations too)! Special thanks to the Nelson family who own the incredible Kalahari Resorts

in Round Rock. The venue was AMAZING! The Nelson family and Kalahari are not just another business, they give back to the community they are a part of. Their staff was incredibly professional and very knowledgeable. I couldn't imagine having a convention anywhere else but Kalahari. Thank you to

 SWEET RIDES of Central Texas and Corvette Invasion for putting together an amazing car show! Thank you to Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT for your sponsorship of our kid's activities! CLEAT is always watching the backs of those who watch ours... and we watch theirs. Thank you to my friend, Dennis Farris

, of the Austin Police Officers Association for your help organizing and for your valuable guidance and advice. Thank you to our spices sponsor

Chuck Vanessa Aleksines


Papo Joe Grilling Supplies - Hutto


Sarah Gambell

of Velvet Taco for putting together some great (and tasty) prizes! Papo Joe is a new small family owned business in Hutto who really stepped up for us providing some great spices baskets for all the winners and gifts for our contributors! We will be there for you too! While it was no surprise, it was an honor to have true back the blue political leaders (and friends) who watch over our law enforcement communities by their ACTIONS (not just words),

Austin City Council Member Mackenzie Kelly


Matt Baker, Round Rock City Council Place 3

, and

Kristin Stevens 4 Round Rock City Council

who will be our newest council member with your support (like seriously, if you're in Round Rock, PLEASE vote for Matt and Kristin). You all fight the good fight at a time the "progressive" politicians want to gut and defund our police putting the lives of the people of our communities in real danger.

Mackenzie Kelly


Matt Baker

, and

Kristin Culpepper Stevens

, please know you are not only appreciated, you are loved by so many for fighting for us and for what is right. There is nothing "progressive" about chaos, stay strong in the fight. Thank you to our BBQ competitors,

Patrick McCullough


Troy Hubble

of Luv It BBQ for those mouth watering briskets! They were better than Franklin's without the 4 hour line! Thank you to

Jason Daugherty


Omnia Outdoors


Jason Ake


Creation Station - Printing Your Ideas

for your sponsorship of our law enforcement support efforts. Thank you to

Dave Blinker Drnek

for sponsoring these incredible pictures! Thank you to

Craig Casaday

, the President of the

Austin Police Association

, for staying all day to collect the funds raised and helping coordinate the event! We have so much more to do! Thank you to

Lonna Iles


Michael McFadden


1431-183 A/C & Heating

who help run our WTFrs Special Events Division and to all the volunteers who helped us have yet another successful event!

One special thanks as well to my friend, Ashley Nelson, of Kalahari for correcting me during a speech when I said "our first law enforcement fundraising event" and Ashley corrected me by saying, "excuse me mister, our first of MANY more events together"... Many do not understand the opposition we get now-a-days for supporting our police. Ashley started getting emails almost immediately after we announced the event by our haters. The Nelson family shrugged them off like water off a duck's back. I guess I owe a special thanks to my haters... they didn't divide us what-so-ever, they actually proved my point (as I had predicted their hatful moves) and their actions bonded us together even more. Karahari, APA, and the WTFrs remain focused on making a positive impact to truly "back the blue." All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing... that won't happen on our watch.

With the most humble heart, we say thank you all!

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Communities for Cops Sponsored by

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"Thank you for supporting our ongoing causes"


2021 Rally Schedule

Brought to you by the WTFrs Special Events Division

May 14 & 15, 2021

Kingwood, Texas

(Houston Area)

Hosted at

Harley Davidson of Kingwood

Harley Davidson Demo Rides 

18 Wheeler will be in attendance

Motoball Run Logo PNG.png


RALLY CENTRAL TX has been sold by WTFrs, LLC and purchased by two great investors! They have some amazing plans for growth which will soon be announced as they update their website. It will NOT be held at Central Texas Harley Davidson. We love our Centex Harley, but some great changes are coming! Stay tuned!


November 4-6, 2021

Kingwood, TX

(Houston Area)

Hosted at

Harley Davidson of Kingwood & The Woodlands

2A Rally.png

Who are we

The SRC - Social Riding Club

WTFrs are a group of individuals from all backgrounds, brought together by passion, purpose and spirituality!  We are not what is known as a traditional MC (Motorcycle Club/3 Patch Club/etc.) 


We are a Social Riding Club with open membership. We are a supporter of those who protect us; our Military, Law Enforcement, and other First Responders as well as those who need protection such children in need in our community. 

We have no politics; we simply support what we believe in and we RIDE!!!! We typically ride between 1000 - 2000 miles per month! For those who ride and would like to join our private riders only club page, Join our Facebook Club page here!

The Corporation

WTFrs is a Texas based corporation with the goal of making a better and safer motorcycle community, creating a positive impact to our communities at large, helping those in need and to support those who defend and protect our communities such as our Military and Law Enforcement, past and present. 

Our success in helping our community and giving back has been recognized by local, regional and national media where we have been covered on National News including ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and FOX and Friends out of New York. 

We have had the honor of being recognized by the US House of Representatives and were given a Special Congressional Recognition Award. 

Arley Circle Logo WEB - Text.png

The Arley


Antibullying and Teen Suicide Prevention

The Arley Circle is a program that changes a child's environment. While the program is supervised by the WTFrs, it is mainly kids helping kids. 

The Arley Circle came about when Arianna (Ari) and Haley, a teen who was about to take her life, met after Haley met the WTFrs on a antibullying ride to her school. The two became friends and collaborated on how to keep other kids away from thinking about suicide or severe depression. Ari and Haley then created the Arley Circle, a combination of both of their names. Haley has since moved on, but Ari remains determined to help save teen's lives. 

One of the many things the Arley Circle does is immediately change the child's social online environment. This can include deleting all social media account and re-creating new ones with only the child's true friends, family, and the other kids in the Arley Circle. The new child coming into the circle will immediately  have a circle of friends who were all in the same situation, who do not judge them, and who love them unconditionally. 

Another goal of the Arley Circle is to have quarterly socials where all the kids come together and meet in person. This program is not currently in place due to a lack of funding, but we are working on it!Once Covid is gone and schools go back to normal operations, we plan to introduce our programs to different school districts. 

To learn more about the Arley Circle, or to help in our cause, please reach out to with the subject Arley Circle or simply fill out the Contact Us page below. If you have a child or are a child at risk, please rest assured, all our communication is strictly confidential and our Arley Circle friends identity are never shared without a parent's explicite permission.  


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