Custom design by WTFrs.



  • 3.5 oz.
  • 100% polyester interlock with moister-wicking and UV protection performance
  • Cationic dyes to ensure superior brightness and excellent color fastness
  • Washable with easycare
  • Men and Ladies cut
  • Soft material 
  • Stretch material for ultimate comfort

All isacod polyester high grade thread with 70,000 stitches in this amazing and unigue design copywright by WTFrs. Each piece takes 1.5 hours to embroider to our high specs. This is a shirt you buy once that is made to last.


The shirt itself is made for the riding biker lifestyle. Extremely comfortable with plentry of stretch to reach the highest of handlebars without pulling or tugging on your back. The shirt is made to keep you cool in hot weather as it is sweat wicking, anti-microbial, and allows the wind to run through it to cool your body temp down. It is also UV protectant to keep you from burning your arms on those long days. 


The design is set front center point to stand out with or without your cuts. It looks incredible but is also made to last and make our ridning on warm or hot weather more comfortable. To keep warm, it is loose enough to wear over thermals. It does NOT contract like spandex, but does expand for comfort. Make no mistake, we picked high grade quality gear made for our lifestyle.  



    Design is owned and copyright of WTFrs, LLC. All Rights Reserved


    Note *Standard embroidery industry cost is estimated at $1 per 1000 stitches plus the cost of the item to be embroidered. WTFrs, LLC owns our own embroidery designing and machine, hence the 1/2 price for embroidery and only $4 for a high grade spec specific shirt chosen for our lifestyle (WTFrs shirt cost is $8). We strive for the highest quality while keeping costs as low as possible for our members and supporters. 

    Spartan Blue Line Warrior